Haru no Sasayaki: Smaller sized print


Hand-assembled hardwood framing

Printed on acid-free, archival heavyweight paper

Hover over the image to magnify the drawing details


Delicate spring branches capture the rainfall on a cold but promising morning. The name is Japanese for"whisperings of Spring", because the composition feels spare and Asian to me. One spring, starved for the outdoors, I camped with friends on a bluff overlooking the lake. This bush, with its swelling buds and glistening drops of rain, has a calligraphic grace that whispers back to me of that misty spring day.

Image Size: 5” by 7”

Framed Size: 13” by 15”

Includes hand-assembled hardwood framing

Printed on acid-free, archival, heavyweight paper

Carefully packed for full shipping protection


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