November Allegory


Limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist.

Image size: 9" x 27", for a final framed size of 18" x 36".

Hand-assembled hardwood framing, complete with hanging hardware.

Features brushed-metallic plaque with your individual plaque number.

Hover over the image to magnify the drawing details.

Unframed original available. 22 1/2” wide x 9” high, with matting border of ~1/2” on top and bottom and 1 1/4” on sides. Contact me for details.

Free shipping in the
continental United States.


On a foggy November day just before Thanksgiving, I took the photographs that led to this drawing. These trees actually line my driveway. Most of them are Idaho Grand Firs (Abies grandis), and they're often festooned with hanging fungus that looks like it came from the bayou. We had a heavy snowstorm the week after I completed this drawing, and the small fir on the right broke off about ten feet up and fell across the driveway. Sad—I was looking forward to seeing it grow up.

The framed print features a brushed-metallic plaque listing the title of the piece, the artist, and your individual print number. The plaque emphasizes the uniqueness of your print: no one else in the world has your print and number.


Published from an original pencil drawing

Limited edition of 50 Prints

Image Size: 27” by 9”

Framed Size: 36” by 20”

Includes hand-assembled hardwood framing

Professional hanging kit

Signed and numbered Limited Edition print

Printed on acid-free, archival, heavyweight paper

Certificate of Authenticity

Care and Protection Information

FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States

Carefully packed for full shipping protection

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