Flank Maneuver


Limited edition print, signed and numbered
by the artist

Hand-assembled hardwood framing

Printed on acid-free, archival heavyweight paper

Features brushed-metallic plaque with your individual print number

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Framed original available. 39" wide x 48 3/4" high x 3/4" thick. Solid rustic wood frame; no glass. Contact me for details.

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continental United States.


Like an army stealing a march on a sleeping enemy, storm clouds pile up silently on their way to cumulonimbus status, while a forested ridge cowers below. I’ve always loved storm clouds. We don't get terrific thunderstorms here like lots of other places do; the weather's typically quite docile. But occasionally we get some gorgeous thunderclouds, and I wanted to commemorate them here.

The framed print features a brushed-metallic plaque listing the title of the piece, the artist, and your individual print number. The plaque emphasizes the uniqueness of your print: no one else in the world has your print and number.


Published from an original pencil drawing

Limited edition of 50 Prints

Image Size: 13” by 9”

Framed Size: 24” by 20”

Includes hand-assembled hardwood framing

Professional hanging kit

Signed and numbered Limited Edition print

Printed on acid-free, archival, heavyweight paper

Certificate of Authenticity

Care and Protection Information

FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States

Carefully packed for full shipping protection

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