Birch Nymphs: Smaller sized print


Hand-assembled hardwood framing

Printed on acid-free, archival heavyweight paper

Hover over the image to magnify the drawing details


When the kids were younger we'd clamber into the minivan occasionally (before we had the Jeep) and go for a"jaunt” in the mountains. They always loved these outings, even if—maybe especially because—we never knew exactly where we were going. In this case we encountered a cluster of birches right alongside the road, yawning and stretching in the early spring sunshine. Emerging leaves and the distant mountains still sheathed in snow made for a lyrical combination.

Image Size: 5” by 7”

Framed Size: 13” by 15”

Includes hand-assembled hardwood framing

Printed on acid-free, archival, heavyweight paper

Carefully packed for full shipping protection


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