The Artist


My wife and I live deep in the backside of nowhere—an hour away from the nearest traffic light, where the land is quiet and the pace slow, and the skies are dark at night. Our mountain home, with its water, weather, and wildlife, looks much the same as it has since the last ice age.

I create these drawings in my little studio, nestled into our forested mountainside. I’ve been blessed with the ability to draw so realistically that virtually everyone who sees my drawings for the first time thinks they are photographs. Over the years I’ve drawn these mountains and trees, the snow and rocks and water and light; and I’ve loved doing so. But there's always something new to discover and explore

I’ve encountered a number of artists with abundant drawing ability, but as far as I can see, I’m the only one doing creating these photorealistic mountain landscapes. Based on buyers’ enthusiastic reactions, something about my art touches a chord in them. I hope it does the same for you.