Hand-drawn art like you’ve never seen it before.

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Stunning, photorealistic pencil drawings of nature

drawn by a real-life nice guy.

Artist Doug Flückiger escaped the city for the backwoods, where he now captures the light of nature by drawing. He loves depicting his forest home, from the tiniest knot of leaves to the grandest mountain peaks, with the simple honesty of graphite.

Flückiger drawings are …


Frequently mistaken for photography, but strictly hand-drawn.


A whole new way to see the light of nature as she is.


Doug really does live in deep in the mountains, drawing his home.


Here’s what others say …

“Thanks for all your time and effort for this gift. We love your work.”

—DeAnn J., Idaho

“My parents really love the art!”

—Terri M., Montana

“The piece turned out beautiful. Thank you so much, we just love it!.”

—Brian S., Ohio