My studio, part 1: The secret door

I’ll give you occasional glimpses into where I work. It’s somewhat hobbit-like, but that wasn’t my aim. (The Hobbit is actually one of the better children’s books I’ve ever read, but I’m not an ardent fan of LOTR, etc.)

The south wall of our bedroom is an unbroken wall of books, side to side and floor to ceiling—being a cathedral ceiling, that means the topmost point is 13 feet from the floor (yes, we do have a ladder for reaching the upper books). I thought it would be fun to but a hidden doorway through the shelves into my studio, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it without spending $$$. I worked out one method originally, but the plywood backing warped and the door leaked light and wouldn’t ever stay open.

This spring I reworked the door with a single piece of veneer plywood that overlaps the opening 4” on all sides. I added a statue in the bookshelf that you have to pull in order to open the door, and it works great. Now if the door is closed, you can’t tell the doorway is there. Well, if you stand there and examine it you can tell, but who would do that?

Why is this important? 1. I’m an introvert. 2. It’s cool.

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